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C.E. Rivas
8th Degree Black Belt

His Story

Master Rivas is a Master Instructor of Karate and Kobudo Training.  Master Rivas is the Founder and Creator of "Fuji-No-Kai Kobudo Global System Enterprises."  

He holds High Degree Black Belts in both Karate and Kobudo (Martial Arts Weapons) and is also a Yoga Sensei. 

Master Rivas has dedicated a large portion of his life researching, learning, and teaching Okinawan Karate and Kobudo. He has practiced karate in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Johnston Island, Canada, Okinawa, Japan, El Salvador, Honduras and all over the USA.

Master Rivas has attended many seminars and clinics with the most prestigious karate masters in the United States and Okinawa, Japan. Learning from the best was key to his development. Learning the true meaning of such a complex art is a challenging journey that he has enjoyed for over 3 decades. His travels to Okinawa, Japan has given him the opportunity to meet some of the Best Karate and Kobudo Masters in the region. Visiting and training with these Masters has proven to be a pivotal point to his development while taking his skills to a mastery level.

Every year Master Rivas assembles a team for tournament competition. The team excels in performance at each competition, bringing honor to themselves, their instructor and their Dojo. Tournament season is an exciting time for our community and we truly enjoy showing the mastery of skills learned. The support that we receive from the community is positive and rewarding. The continued support keeps us motivated and focused on our objective. We strive to be the best, while being humble, to continually improve ourselves and have fun while doing it.

​​​Master Rivas holds a RYT 200 Yoga Certification. He has truly mastered the perfect balance through Yoga training and his martial arts training. His Yoga training has being influential in his development on the martial arts. Yoga training has taught him a different level of focus and of higher learning with the empowerment that Yoga offers.

Master Rivas has taught martial arts for 31 years. He enjoys teaching at every level.  He is proud to wear his uniform and his belt. He continues to make a difference in many peoples’ lives.

Tournament Performances by Master Rivas

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