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5 Reasons to Choose Martial Arts for Your Child

Our goal at Mt. Everest Karate Studio is to help you understand the benefits of martial arts. It is important for parents to make informed decisions when choosing to enroll your child.

Martial arts is much more than how it is portrayed on popular T.V. shows like Cobra Kai and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (don't get us wrong, we love these shows!). It is also much more than "just" keeping your child active and away from video games.

We have 5 D's to help you gain a better understanding of the benefits Mt. Everest Karate Studio can have on your child:

  1. Discipline

At the beginning of your journey in martial arts you will find that discipline is the foundation of the Dojo. There is a level of honor, respect, and positive attitude that is required from each student. In Traditional Okinawan Karate, students must show honor and respect to their Sensei by Bowing (Rei). This sets the tone for the class, and serves as a reminder that martial arts demands respect and discipline at all times.

Parents have commended us on the the increased level of respect and compliance their child exhibits at home once beginning their martial arts training.

2. Determination

Martial Arts uses a colored belt system of ranking. Each belt represents a level of proficiency and requires testing to advance. Children are compelled to strive for the next level of achievement through the belt rankings. This system of ranking fuels determination, and pushes the student to a higher level of self-achievement.

3. Development

Engaging in Martial Arts training assists in overall development of character. Karate helps develop your child's body, by using physical activity and body movements. You learn offense and defense techniques that are physically challenging and pushes you beyond your limits, at times. In addition to the physical demand of karate, it aids in the mental and emotional development of each student. Karate is great way to train your mind to focus while developing a confidence.

4. Defense

Martial Arts teaches your child a variety of skills such as agility, balance, and self-defense. Your child will learn to punch, kick, block, and much more. The benefit of learning these skills at a Martial Arts School is that it is taught and learned in a controlled and monitored environment. There are different levels of defense skills taught based on rank.

5. Dedication

Martial Arts not only challenges the student, but also the parents. There is a level of structure and commitment that is required from the whole family. Your child will learn confidence, focus, respect, social interaction, physical fitness, and will become an well-rounded individual.

Our students thrive when they are faced with a challenge. We have suited them with the skills to overcome obstacles. Each student is dedicated to work hard, train, and study to advance to the next level of achievement.

A powerful statement that puts it best, "Children don't quit karate, parents do". If you want your child to obtain the life skills listed above, you as a parent need to be dedicated too.

We encourage you and your child to make an informed decision on why to choose Karate.

As you can see, there are many benefits of martial arts for your child. Make your research a joint effort with your child , drum up some excitement, and allow them to be involved in the decision. Help them and encourage them to begin their journey.

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