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What is Sparring?

What is Sparring?

Sparring is action! It is the opportunity for our students to apply the techniques and strategies they have learned in karate.

Why is Sparring Important?

There are many benefits you gain by sparring; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

It helps develop your aim while maintaining distance and control. Sparring aids in mobility. It is all about movement: forwards, sideways, and backwards. Sparring help builds endurance as it is physically demanding.

Sparring is to help both you and your partner get better. This is a time where you are trying to work and flow with one another while enhancing the techniques and skills you have learned. It is important to create a strategy before you head into a sparring match. Sparring is not fighting, it is a game of "tag". We call this "touch and go" where you find the opening on your partner and "tag" them. This can be done with numerous moves such as punching or kicking to the body, while blocking your partner from "tagging" you. This helps in developing a better reaction time.

Sparring builds courage and provides an opportunity to see how your child reacts under pressure. Students who are initially nervous or afraid learn that by persevering, their fears can be overcome. We believe that this will help them take on other life challenges that may be intimidating and realize that they can do more than they thought they could!

At Mount Everest Karate Studio our students enjoy Sparring with one another to enhance their skills. Check out our Sparring Videos to see us in action!

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