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Practice...Practice...Practice...Don't Cram Before the Exam

It's better to train ten minutes a day than an hour before the exam.

The more often you train the better you become. It's like cramming for a test. It's much better to study a little every day. Cramming doesn't always give you reliable results.


When you get home after class: Take a moment to make a note of what you did in class Run through it real quick to make sure you still have it Run through it each day for as much as you can - even if it's only ten minutes (we recommend longer if possible)


This will help you build the muscle memory you need. It will also help you to ask questions if you get stuck, and better perfect your technique.

Karate is an activity that continually builds upon the basic skills you learned at the very beginning. It is important that you not only practice the new material you are learning, but take the time to review what you learned along the way.

Practicing this way will help you to see improvement faster! Practice makes progress!

At Mt. Everest Karate Studio we have provided you with the tools to be successful while practicing at home. Below is a link to our Tutorials page created by Sensei Rivas.

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