We offer a variety of programs.

Our classes are very structured. Therefore, it gives everyone the opportunity to learn at their own pace. 

The Basic Program

The Basic Program is for beginners. Students in the Basic Program meet twice a week for karate training. This program offers "Self-Discovery." The student discovers his/her true potential for self-achievement.



We teach the BEST children classes, anywhere. Parents will see how karate improves their children's behavior, discipline, respect, confidence and mental focus. At Mt. Everest Karate Studio we teach students to excel in their school activities. Our students hold an A/B school average.

Parents are just amazed how much of a positive impact our teaching program makes in their child’s daily life. By teaching traditional and classical karate a student learns the value of respect, modesty, honesty, hard work, self-discipline and much more…

Our Children classes are such a big success that we have no classes available for Teens or Adults. From our program, children in karate grow to be strong teenagers and great stewards of society.

The Black Belt Club Program

The Black Belt Club Program provides students an opportunity to practice 4 days a week. We offer a combination of classes ranging from karate training to Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons) training. Students look forward to joining the Black Belt Club to enhance new skills and opportunities in a positive and fun atmosphere.


The Master's Club Program

The Master's Club Program provides students an opportunity to take classes 6 days a week! This program is specially designed for students who have a strong commitment to excellence. This program requires a strong sense of dedication to martial arts training.

The Wolf Pack Team

The Wolf Pack Team was created in 2017 as an elite championship tournament competition team. The Wolf Pack team competes in approximately 14 tournaments a year.  They have won numerous medals, trophies, titles and grand championships in Local and National Competitions. Each team member is held to high ethical and moral standards. 

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