AAU State Championships Tournament Results

AAU State ChampionshipsTournament Results

I want to thank everyone who supported us on raising $1,600.00 for our AAU tournament team. This past Friday we traveled 5 ½ hours to Charlotte, NC to compete at their State Championships. This journey would never have been possible without your contributions.

These were the results:

Alaina Spears:

Weapons: Gold Medal, Forms: Silver Medal, Sparring: Silver Medal

Teress Dobbie:

Weapons: Gold Medal, Forms: Bronze Medal, Sparring: Silver Medal

Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: Silver Medal, Forms: 4th Place, Sparring: no placement.

Highlights of this event were the following:

Let me say first, this was my first AAU tournament that I as a Sensei has ever attended. I have always trained my students to compete at various local tournaments and there is a HUGE difference in local/AAU rules regarding forms and sparring. We decided to take this long trip to Charlotte, NC so we can learn these rules and regulations. Therefore, we can be better prepared for the “AAU Virginia State Championships” in two weeks in Richmond, VA.

The tournament day unfolded with two BIG surprises: Alaina’s dad was able to make the trip and surprised his little girl. Alaina was in heaven seen her daddy there watching her compete. Same with Teress: Her father and grandparents surprised her. Teress was in disbelief/shock to see him present. The hug she gave him said it all…she was happy for him to be there.

Alaina Spears and Teress Dobbie became the North Carolina’s State Champions in Weapons by each winning Gold Medals. These two young ladies blew the competition AWAY!

Our three member team won a total of 7 medals and each member has qualified to compete at the “AAU National Championships” in Raleigh, NC.

Alaina Spears’ fought her little heart out. She was 1 ½ points behind and the time was closing in for the match to finish. But Alaina was relentless and she knew how to keep the pressure on. Most importantly she knew how to listen to my instructions. She was able to even the score 2 ½ each with only 15 seconds left on the clock. But the opposing team score on her and they won. But like one of the referee’s said “That was one of the most exciting matches he has seen in a long time.” It sure was.

Teress in the forms competition lost her balance twice! The first time, she almost fell…it scared the lights out of me! She lost her footing but miraculously was able to regain her balance. The second time same issue…those mistakes ended up placing her as a Bronze medalist.

Treshaun and the “Green Ninja.” Oh Yea, there was a “Green Ninja” in the house. Treshaun never saw that one coming. The “Green Ninja” won the Gold medal in the Weapon’s division and the forms division. Treshaun was devastated. Then Treshaun got in the fighting ring and he was no match against those AAU competitors. Treshaun walked up to the bleachers and started mumbling to himself…now that was epic.

**The Trip to NC was worth it. I learned A LOT. I learned how AAU is focus on “Sports Karate.” Their primary points are the traditional reverse punch, side kick, round kick, and hook kick.

They don’t give any scores for a jab, no scores for a ridge hand or a back fist.

The process of elimination for the forms division was also a learning experience.

I have to say how the judges were very professional and talented…they absolutely knew their craft. We really enjoyed our time at the tournament even though Treshaun was leaking his wounds. We will go back to the drawing board and be better prepared for Richmond, VA.

Once again, big Congratulations to Alaina, Teress and Treshaun…their hard work is paying off.

And Thank you Mrs. Cindy-Yu Robinson for putting up a great event…we truly enjoyed it.

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