ROUND 2; “AAU Virginia State Championships” Tournament Results

ROUND 2; “AAU Virginia State Championships” Tournament Results:

1)Alaina Spears:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Gold, Sparring: Gold.

2) Teress Dobbie:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Silver, Sparring: Silver.

3) Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: No placement, Sparring: Silver, Team Sparring: Silver.

Highlights of this event were the following:

Alaina Spears performed her Weapon and Kata in front of Kyoshi Rodney Chesseman, from Hampton, VA. Kyoshi Chesseman’s jaw dropped wide open when he saw Alaina perform—he was floored! He could not believe the amount of talent this young lady possesses. When Kyoshi Chesseman finished judging he came over to me and stated “He would like to have Alaina as her new student.” Alaina definitely left her mark. He showed them what a weapon’s and karate kata should look like. This young lady has become Virginia’s State Champion on all three divisions winning nothing but GOLD!

Teress Dobbie, did a remarkable performance on her weapon’s division. I truly enjoyed watching her perform. Also in her Kata division, Teress, did a beautiful performance. However, there is always rivalry between dojos. One of the referees saw that Teress was my student and decided to give the win to other competitor. However, Sensei Cindy-Yu Robinson voted for Teress and that was a such a feat! Sensei Cindy-Yu is co-chair for North Carolina’s AAU organization and considered as a top referee for the Nation. Having her side with Teress speaks volume of Teress’ performance and demeanor.


This young man brings nothing but drama to every tournament we go to…I swear they are probably going to band us from participating due to Treshaun. This young fellow decides he is going to do the side kick that I taught in class for the past two weeks. Well, bodies started to fly out of the ring…and I mean literally flying! The judges were in total shock. I told them “Treshun is the batter so you guys better be the catcher & start catching those bodies.” Well Treshaun got silver they could not award him the gold due to too much excessive force. But we are not done yet…it gets better. The AAU Chairman for the state of Virginia, Sensei Mike Eggleston, saw an opportunity when he saw Treshaun in action. The Chairman came up to me and asked me if Treshaun could compete in the “Teams’ Division.” Sensei Eggleston stated that one of his competitor’s had dropped out and he wanted Treshaun to fill in. I said sure…why not…let’s rumble! Well it got exciting…by then everyone in the bleachers started shouting “Watch that kid’s side kick….That kid is going to side kick…look-out for his side kick.” Well, Treshaun did not care and the referees’ were too slow to catch those bodies all over again. Needless to say the Chairman was highly impress with Treshaun’s fighting skills. Once again, Treshaun got silver in the team’s division…I don’t think I need to tell you why?

For this competition we came out with more medals. We won nine in total. Alaina, Teress and Treshaun ALL winning gold in the weapon’s division. These three are the “Reigning State Champions for the State of Virginia” in weapons. Plus Alaina & Teress are the “Reigning State Champions for the State of NC” in weapons.

Next tournament is “The East Coast Karate Challenge” in Hampton, VA. Taking place on Sunday 4/9/2017.

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