Round 3 2017 AAU VA Regional Championships

1) Alaina Spears:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Gold, Sparring: Gold.

2) Teress Dobbie:

Weapons: Silver, Forms: Silver, Sparring: Gold.

3) Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: Bronze, Forms: Gold, Sparring: Gold.

Regardless of the six Gold Medals that we won I think there is only one highlight worth mentioning and that is Teress’ sparring match:

Teress was emotionally upset due to her winning 2 silver medals in weapons/ kata. I spoke to her and told her she had one more chance at winning gold. For the past several weeks I’ve been sparring with Teress and with other students so they can learn from me and trust me they did not like it. I put a lot of pressure on them and I did not make it easy …well it worked! Teress, for the first time ever, applied herself in the ring. Teress scored 5 points vs only 1 point from the opposing team. Teress delivered a thunderous kick to the opposing team that I think cracked the girl’s rib. This is something that Teress wanted to accomplish…winning a gold medal in sparring. I was happy that I was able to help her…ALL the hard work and long hours at The Dojo paid off…Go Teress!

Having said that, the tournament started with a rocky start.

1) Alaina fumble in her weapon/kata performance. She started her performances so close to the judges…it was not good and I was not happy. She was also lucky to win a gold medal in sparring because she was about to get disqualified for facial contact. She had already acquired two warnings and one more meant disqualification. Well she got a third one and the head referee almost disqualified her but he stopped himself from doing it. All I can say it was Alaina’s lucky day for winning 3 gold medals.

2) Treshaun also fumble right at the beginning of his weapon’s kata. The Bo/staff slipped from his hand touching the ground from there his performance just took a dive. He was fortunate that the judges awarded him a bronze medal because if a weapon touches the ground is automatic disqualification. Treshaun did manage to win a Gold Medal in kata which he never done before at the AAU level.

After seen Alina, Treshaun and Teress not doing well, to my expectations, I was not feeling it. Yes we managed to win 6 gold medals but I know we can do much better. Trust me that I’m not about winning medals…but what I want is for my students to do their very best and this was not our very best…not by a long shot…however, this was our lucky day.

I was glad to see Treshaun winning Gold in Kata and Teress winning Gold in sparring. Now these three kids are “Virginia’s Regional Gold Medal Champions.”

Next weekend back at it in North Carolina…I hope they are ready because here comes Virginia’s BEST!

**Btw…you see how Treshaun is smiling on the picture. Well it took for Sensei Cyndy-Yu to kiss Treshun on the cheek…and yes, Treshaun is actually blushing…Go Treshaun!

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