Round 4 2017 AAU NC Regional Championships

Round 4

2017 AAU NC Regional Championships

1) Alaina Spears:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Gold, Sparring: Gold.

2) Teress Dobbie:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Gold, Sparring: Gold.

3) Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: Gold, Sparring: Bronze.

The North Carolina Regional’s was the Mother of All Mothers. This was the tournament to attend…nothing but action, baby! This is what makes it exciting and FUN:

1) We are the outsiders. We are from Virginia coming to their home turf and we are taking their Gold Medals.

2) If looks could kill Alaina, Teress, Treshaun & I would be 6 feet under.

So these are the highlights of the tournament and there were plenty to talk about:

1) Alaina is the tiniest girl and she demolished her competition. She CRUSHED her competition so bad that every girl there was in tears and those girls’ parents were not happy either. When it came to fighting Alaina took the big guns out and went all out. She was blocking, kicking, punching, dodging and getting point after point after point. Some of those girls were twice her size but it did not stop Alaina for holding her ground and winning NOTHING BUT GOLD.

2) Teress, was so determined on winning and I’m so proud of her. This played out like the old Rocky movies. Skyler beat Teress twice, once in NC and the second time in Richmond, VA. Well, not this time baby. Teress first point was a BEAUTIFUL round kick to Skyler’s head and from then on Skyler was doomed…she could not recover. This match got so competitive that Skyler’s father had a Bo/Staff on his hand and slammed it to the ground because he could not stand to see his daughter defeated…and then he started screaming. All I have to say is “Well buddy you cannot win them all and today it was my student’s turn to win, gold.” It was in our very first AAU tournament back in March when Skyler won against Teress. Back in March Skyler’s Sensei made a statement, he said “You showed them how is done girl.” Well, the reason we went to this tournament was so we can learn the ropes of AAU competition. When Teress and Alaina won, I made this statement loud and clear “This is how we do it in Virginia, people.” Oh, yea they were hating on me…and if looks could kill I’ll be 6 feet under right now.

3) Treshaun, did an exceptional Bo/Staff kata…he took gold and he made it seem so easy. There was no one in his division that could match his weapon skills. Treshaun took the bronze in sparring and Damion (his father) was not happy. He felt that Treshaun was unfairly judged. However, my feelings are that Treshaun is a conventional fighter and he likes to go toe to toe when he fights. However, at the AAU level these boys fight a Mickey Mouse fight. They want to fight at a distance and Treshaun cannot figure out why these kids cannot fight like he fights. Treshaun likes to fight up close and personal so he can over-power the competition. However, these kids they run from Treshaun and they make sure they stay away from him. This is a learning process and I know if Treshaun is patient he will have his day just like Teress had hers.

With all the drama that unfolded in North Carolina I want to remind you that we are new at AAU competition…our very first tournament was only 8 weeks ago in North Carolina territory. It was in our very first tournament, in North Carolina, that we qualified for the Nationals and the Jr. Olympics…who does that? We do, The Dojo! All these extra tournaments that we are attending are just the icing on the cake…just so we can sharpen our skills that way we can be better prepare for the Nationals/Jr. Olympics.

Between Alain, Teress and Treshaun they won 7 Gold Medals and only 1 bronze at the “2017 NC Regional Championships.”

Now all we need is your support so we can raise the $1,400 that we are so in need of. That way we can give our students the opportunity to follow their dreams. In 6 weeks I have to pay over $300.00 so I can be on the floor coaching…that is just the coaching fee! CRAZY!!!! Having said that, “The Nationals” is on June 29-30. Alaina competes the 29thand Treshaun and Teress compete on the 30th.

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