Round 5 2017 AAU National Championships

Round 5

2017 AAU National Championships

1) Teress Dobbie:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Bronze, Sparring: Gold.

2) Alaina Spears:

Weapons: Bronze, Sparring: Bronze.

3) Treshaun Whittaker:

Sparring: Bronze.

The National Championships was a BEAST to say the least. This was an action packed event!

These are some of the highlights of the tournament:

1) There were over 1,600 competitors from the US Continent and abroad.

2) The opening ceremony was AMAZING…the entire convention center was packed. It looked like the opening ceremonies of an Olympic Event!

3) We definitely competed among the Best of the Best. These competitors were fierce making everything more exciting.

4) Alaina for sure met her match this time around. In Alaina’s division there were 3 Hawaiian girls who reminded me of the Terminator. Those three girls acted like little cyborgs…man they were phenomenal! Alaina eliminated one of the minnie terminators’ and placed 3rd in her Kata division. The Hawaiian team was not happy about that at ALL. Out of all the states “The Dojo” was the only one that kept the Hawaiian team on the edge of their seats. Alaina’s performance was just amazing. However, I think Alaina was overwhelmed by the size of this event…I think I was too!

5) Treshaun, this young man was competing among the best Brown Belts in the Nation, 16 in total. Threshaun did an awesome weapon’s kata but it was not enough to win…he also did a great job in the kata division but a young kid from Michigan and the Hawaiian team were the top winners. In the sparring division Threshaun was able to win a Bronze Medal but it was not an easy win…Threshaun had to fight for that Bronze Medal…way to go Threshaun.

6) Teress, got to the event and ran to the restroom. I guess nerves got the best of her. She spent about 30 minutes in there…too funny. But this “Power House” of a young lady got 3 medals. When Teress won 3rd place in the Kata Division I thought of her mother. I thought how proud her mom must be at this very moment winning 3rd place among the best in the Nation. But it gets better…Teress’ fight was even sweeter! At The Dojo I made this girl train at the point of passing out. The training at The Dojo was unreal…the more everyone gasped for air the harder I made it…but man at the fighting ring Teress meant ALL BUSINESS. Her first match Teress worked that body…one kick to the kidney…another kick to the liver and a final kick to the head…the young lady was no match for Teress so she bowed out. Then for Teress’ final fight it came down to a tie breaker…who ever gets the last point wins the National Title…well Teress wins Gold. This young lady was so focused and determined to win that she was meditating while everyone else was warming up kicking and punching…at that moment I said to myself “She is ready…she got this!”

**Things that I learned: That the Hawaiian team is no joking matter. These cats train 7 days a week, 2 hours before school and 2 hours after school. That does not include their regular karate classes…those cats are not playing around. The Hawaiian team was 35 strong.

The Hawaiian team had a strong support group…the entire Hawaiian delegation was screaming and cheering for their team mates…keeping them in high spirits.

The AAU National Championships is a 3 day event exhibiting the best competitors in the Nation…we were very fortunate and very blessed to be part of such an AMAZING experience.

**I would like to thank Treshaun, Teress and Alaina’s parents for trusting me with their children. As I said before, the training was extremely hard…there was exhaustion, there was blood and there were tears but knowing I had the parents’ full support made everything possible to train these students to be elite athletes.

**Also, I would like to mention how nice it was for Alaina’s dad to show up at the event. Alaina’s dad was in CA for business and he surprised us all by being there. Same with Teress, her father showed up at the day of the event. Right when she was about to compete he shows up…Teress was very happy to see her father present.

We are now “National Champions” at The Dojo. Teress Dobbie our 2 time Gold Medalist deserves our Biggest Congratulations…and Alaina and Treshaun they bring the Bronze…those two hanged in there with the Best of the Best in the USA! Please congratulate these 3 phenomenal Champions…way to go!

Our Next Tournament is in September in Portsmouth, VA. We are taking a 7 team member and I’m very confident we will do well.

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