Round 2 - 30th East Coast VA State Championships

1) Alaina Spears:

Weapons: 1st Place, Forms: 1st Place, Sparring: 1st Place

2) Teress Dobbie:

Weapons: 3rd Place, Forms: 3rd Place, Sparring: 2nd Place

3) Camauri McPherson:

Weapons: 1st Place, Forms: 1st Place, Sparring: 2nd Place

4) Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: 1st Place, Kata: 2nd Place, Sparring: 1st Place.

5) Brian Lemus: AKA “Little Brian,”: Weapons: 1st Place, Kata: 1st Place, Sparring: 2nd Place.

6) Breyona Whittaker:

Kata: 2nd Place, Sparring: 1st Place

7) Sydnee Brown:

Kata: 1st Place, Sparring: 3rd Place

Another BIG WIN for The Dojo! This is our second tournament of the year and we are already leading the pack…we are for sure the heart beat of karate. The “Wolf Pack Team” was well congratulated from the judges, referees and the audience.

The “Wolf Pack Team” was 100% confident and their performance was nothing but AMAZING!

So these are the highlights of the tournament:

1) Alaina Spears racked up three first place trophies and qualified to compete for the Grand Championship title.

2) Teress Dobbie: Had it tough but nevertheless she did well. When you compete against your own team mates you need to learn to push yourself further. This is when the small details of your performance matter the most.

3) Camauri McPherson: My Shadow Warrior…again, this young man was competing against the best in the weapons division and took 1st place. Then Camauri competes in the kata division and goes to win 1st place, again! This young super star has some amazing skills & talent. He could easily become a movie start…watch out Hollywood…we are going to Hollywood, baby!

4) Treshaun Whittaker: Took First Place in Fighting and First Place in weapons & 2nd place in kata. One of the referees said that “Treshaun needed to work on being more patient.” I think he was probably moving a bit too fast and that caused him to place 2nd.

5) Little Brian: He smoked the competition with his performance. I was happy & pleased to see this young man do so well. Little Brian “Job Well Done!”

6) Breyona Whittaker: Her kata was a bit shaky but she did well considering she just came back from a two month foot injury. But her foot did not stop her from winning 1st place in the fighting division.

7) Sydnee Brown in the house! Sydnee is a fighter for sure! She has that fighting spirit that many don’t have. Her kata was flawless…Sydnee has a unique ability to work on the small details which makes her performance stand out from the rest of the competition.

**Let me Thank the Atkins family for coming to the tournament and staying with us the entire time. Thank you guys for your continue support.

Again, this Tournament was full of praises from the audience, from Old School instructors and Senseis. So many instructors and parents congratulated us…we definitely continue leaving huge mark at these events. The Dojo, Mt. Everest Karate Studio won a total of 11 first place trophies…AWESOME students that we have at our dojo!

For me personally there were 4 moments that were very special:

1) Seen my students win First Place in the weapons division. They sure know how to put a winning performance.

2) Having Camauri, Treshaun & Teress sweep the black belt division in Kata. Camauri winning 1st, Treshaun winning 2nd and Teress winning 3rd. It does not get better than that…it sure doesn’t! All I heard was Marci saying “We swept the division, we swept the division.” She was so happy & I was too.

3) This was a Goju-Ryu performance at the highest level and we proved it. Our Goju-Ryu karate cannot be challenged by anyone. The Dojo, Mt. Everest Karate Studio teaches the highest level of Shorin-Ryu and Goju-Ryu karate and we prove that time and time again…I feel like we are untouchable!

4) The “Wolf Pack” is a team of 7 members and five of the 7 qualified to compete for the Grand Championship title. There were a total of 10 competitors competing for the Grand Championship and 5 were from our Dojo…that speaks volume…say no more!

Thank you parents for making sure every student trains hard for Tournament Training and Championship Training. This would never be possible without your full support…thank you guys!

Congratulations Everyone…You guys are the Very BEST!

Next Tournament: Saturday 4/14

Location: Richmond, VA

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