Round 5 - “AAU NC Regional Championships”

1) Alaina Spears:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Gold, Sparring: Gold.

2) Camauri McPherson:

Weapons: Gold, Sparring: Bronze.

3) Teress Dobie:

Weapons: Silver, Forms: Silver, Sparring: Gold

4) Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: Silver, Sparring: Gold

5) Brian Lemus:

Weapons: Bronze,

6) Breyona Whittaker:

Sparring: Silver

7) Sydnee Brown:

Forms: Silver, Sparring: Bronze

I was not present at this event. I had to stay back and work on building the new Dojo. I was told that the competition was very challenging. However, the “Wolf Pack Team” was able to win a total of 6 Gold Medals so I’m very proud of my students who always represent The Dojo, Mt. Everest Karate Studio at their very best.

1) The Golden Child does it again “Alaina Spears” cruised through these championships winning nothing but Gold! Alaina’s mom, Terre, texted me stating that Alaina was moved to the boys vision because there were no girls for her to compete with. I guess Alaina showed all the boys who the leader of the pack was because she left every single one in the dust. I texted Terre and told her to tell Alaina “To circle, to kick high to the head and to always be first.” That is exactly what this young lady did for the sparring division. The boys were taunting her saying “You’re a girl and you won’t beat us.” All I can say is those boys were highly mistaken because she beat every single one of them. The very next day Alaina came to The Dojo wearing her “Wonder Woman” hat…too funny!

2) Camauri did an amazing job in the weapons’ division winning gold!

3) Treshaun Whittaker: Got the silver behind Camauri but took the Gold in the sparring division. Treshaun and Camauri are always competing, neck to neck, for the gold in the Weapons’ division.

4) Teress Dobbie: Won the Gold Medal in the sparring division and walked away with two silvers in the weapons and forms division.

5) Brian Lemus: got the bronze in the weapons’ division.

6) Breyona Whittaker: Got the Silver in the sparring division.

7) Sydnee Brown: Redeem herself by winning silver in the forms division. At the NC State Championships, Sydnee was not able to medal because other Senseis were teaching their “beginning” students to perform higher kata at these events. That should not be allowed! In the white belt division students should perform basic karate not intermediate karate. However, they left me no choice but to teach Sydnee an intermediate form and she did it well enough to get the silver medal. Plus another win for Sydnee for winning the bronze medal in sparring. Last time she was disqualified for facial contact. But now she is listening better and doing much better…nicely done Sydnee Brown!

The “Wolf Pack” traveled to NC winning 6 Gold Medals, 5 Silver and 3 bronze…Nothing but the Best Baby!

***Next Tournament: Saturday 5/19

AAU, VA Regionals

Location: Henrico County, VA

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