Round 6 - “AAU VA Regional Championships”

1) Alaina Spears: (Triple Crown Winner!)

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Bronze, Sparring: Silver.

2) Camauri McPherson: (Triple Crown Winner!)

Weapons: Gold, Kata: Gold, Sparring: Silver.

3) Teress Dobie: (Triple Crown Winner!)

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Gold, Sparring: Gold

4) Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: Silver, Kata: Bronze, Sparring: Bronze

5) Brian Lemus: (Triple Crown Winner!)

Weapons: Gold, Kata: Gold

6) Breyona Whittaker: (Triple Crown Winner!)

Kata: Gold, Sparring: Bronze

7) Sydnee Brown: (Triple Crown Winner!)

Forms: Gold, Sparring: Bronze

At this event I almost walked out. I was highly upset how unfair Alaina was judged for her kata division. It was obvious how the judges were playing favoritism and judging against Alaina. Over a year ago, Alaina competed at an AAU tournament for her very first time and brought home the silver. Since then Alaina has won nothing but Gold medals in the kata division but now they award her a bronze for her performance when the other girls were nowhere near her caliber of skill and talent. Oh yea, I was not happy and almost walked out. I can see now why a lot of people boycott the “AAU Karate” organization. A lot of favoritism plays a big part and poor judging. For instance, before the tournament starts there is a mandatory meeting for coaches, judges and referees. At every meeting they highly emphasize the importance of using a control technique for the sparring competition. They want very little contact to the head and no contact to the face. However, Alaina gets a hard blow, to the side of the face, with a kick. There is blood everywhere and instead of disqualifying the girl that kicked Alaina with such force they award her the gold medal…totally unfair. Alaina was in pain for several days and had to be taken to the hospital to get checked out. Needless to say this is when all mayhem unfolded. I had left the tournament by then thinking the “Wolf Pack” had everything covered…well how wrong I was. Alaina was bleeding, Breyona was upset crying because her foot was injured, again! Little Brian was upset because he was kicked low. Treshaun was upset because the head referee did not run the sparring division properly. I think it was best for me to have left otherwise I think I would of raised cain.

1) The Golden Child, “Alaina Spears,” was treated unfairly but managed to get the gold in the weapons division.

2) Camauri, seen him win the gold medal in the kata division was glorifying. All three judges voted unanimously for “The Shadow Warrior.”

3) Treshaun Whittaker: Again, this fine young man got the silver behind Camauri in the weapons division.

4) Teress Dobbie: Walked away with 3 gold medals around her neck and 1 bronze.

5) Brian Lemus: Walked away with two gold medals and lots of praises from the judges! Little Brian was putting up a show and the judges were eating it up with a spoon—they were loving it! After Little Brian won his two gold medals the judges came up to him and congratulated him. They were very happy with his performance.

6) Breyona Whittaker: Got the gold in the kata division.

7) Sydnee Brown: Again wins gold in the kata division. Plus another win for Sydnee for winning the bronze medal in sparring. Go Sydnee…Go!

The “Wolf Pack” traveled to Henrico County, VA winning 10 Gold Medals, 3 Silver and 5 bronze…Nothing but the Best from the “Wolf Pack.”

We are only 5 weeks away from the “AAU National Championships” in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. We’ll see who brings the national title for 2018!

***Next Tournament: The Battle of the 7 Cities

Saturday 6/2

Location: Granby High School Gymnasium

7101 Granby Street, Norfolk 23505

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