Round 7 - The Battle of the 7 Cities Championships

1) Alaina Spears:

Weapons: 2nd Place, Forms: 2nd Place, Sparring: 2nd Place

2) Teress Dobbie:

Weapons: 2nd Place, Forms: 1st Place, Sparring: 2nd Place

3) Camauri McPherson:

Weapons: 2nd Place, Forms: 2nd Place, Sparring 2nd Place

4) Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: 1st Place, Forms: 1st Place, Sparring: 1st Place.

5) Bian Lemus:

Weapons: 3rd Place, Forms: 3rd Place, Sparring: 2nd Place.

6) Breyona Whittaker:

Sparring: 3rd Place.

7) Sydnee Brown:

Forms: 1st Place, Sparring: 4th Place.

This was a tough competition for The Dojo. We did not do as good as we usually do but I’m glad that we had the opportunity to compete at this event. The “Wolf Pack” Team was not happy to get second places and third places. However, this is the fire that we need for them to compete at the AAU National Championships. From this experience we are going to grow and only get stronger.

This tournament was huge and had dojos from ALL over the place. So nonetheless to be on the top three from all the other dojos well that proves that we are one of the Best Dojos in the area.

So these are the highlights of the tournament:

1) Alaina Spears: Performed well, I’m just not sure what the judges were looking at? The girl that won 1st place was sloppy in both performances but wins. I’m proud of Alaina, she did her best and held her head high.

2) Teress Dobbie: Traditional Karate vs. Tricking. Teress in the forms competition was competing against a girl who does “Tricking.” Tricking is nothing but flips and twits in the air. Well Teress Dobie blew her out of the air because Teress did a dynamic forms performance and won first place! I was so proud of Teress for beating that girl.

3)Breyona Whittaker: Breyona did well in the forms division. She held the highest score for a long time but near the end she got bumped down to 4th place.

4) Sydnee Brown in the house! Sydnee Brown stood her ground and won 1st place in the forms division. Sydnee did beautiful…she beat all 12 competitors…she was untouchable.

5) Camauri McPherson: My Shadow Warrior…this young man got all second places. There is a good reason behind that? He was competing against Treshaun…I say no more.

6) Treshaun Whittaker: This was for sure Treshaun’s day. He WON all three divisions. He was unstoppable…he was determined… he was confident and ready to win.

7) Brian Lemus: I’m very happy with Little Brian. I know he was upset for winning two 3rd places but in my opinion he did awesome. I strongly believe in the sparring division he could of won first place but he decided to focus on defense and that hurt him. If Little Brian would of taking the initiative to be the aggressor he could of won 1st place instead of second.

For me personally there were 4 moments that were very special:

1) Seen Teress perform Traditional Karate and defeat the girl who was doing nothing more than gymnastics moves on the floor.

2) Seen Treshaun win 1st place after 1st place after 1st place. This young man deserves every 1st place trophy out there. He is a hard worker and his results proved it.

3) Having Sydnee win 1st place in the forms division. Friday night before the competition I got on her because she was just playing around. Well there was no playing this time at the competition. She focused and went straight for the win!

4) Having Sydnee compete for the Grand-Championship title. Every under belt that won 1st place competed for the Grand-Championship title. Well Sydnee almost won…she was short of winning by 1/10 of a point. Boy that was close!

Thank you parents for making sure every student trains hard for Tournament Training and Championship Training. This would never be possible without your full support…thank you guys!

Congratulations Everyone…You guys are the Very BEST!

Next Tournament: Thursday 6/28

AAU National Championships

Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

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