Round 8 - AAU, 2018 National Championships Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Tournament Results

1) Alaina Spears:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Silver, Sparring: Gold.

2) Camauri McPherson: Weapons: Gold

3) Teress Dobie: Weapons: Gold, Sparring: Silver

4) Treshaun Whittaker: Sparring: Silver

5) Brian Lemus: Weapons: Gold

6) Breyona Whittaker: Sparring: Gold

7) Sydnee Brown: Sparring: Bronze

First of all, let me congratulate the “Wolf Pack” for their amazing achievements. This tournament became an international tournament. There were participants from Romania, Poland, Panama and guests from the mainland of Okinawa. At this tournament we had a good time. All the parents were happy how well organized the tournament was.

1) The Golden Child, “Alaina Spears” defeated the Hawaiian favorite in the weapons division. What a win! I was just happy to be there and see it for myself. The Golden Child won two gold medals and one silver…she was AMAZING!

2) Camauri McPherson, “The Dark Horse” was short from winning the gold medal by 1/10 of a point! We all thought he had it until another competitor came up and his performance was as good as Camauri’s. I was on the other side of the ring watching Teress. I had to walk back to Camauri’s ring to see the score and saw he was short by 1/10 of a point from winning gold. There were a total of 19 competitors on Camauri’s division and he walked away with the silver…Go Camauri, you did AMAZING!

3) Teress Dobbie won the gold in weapons and a silver in sparring. Teress was late coming in so I did not see her weapon’s performance but won the gold. In sparring she was competing to win gold, again, but could not find it in her to score any points against the opposing team member. Teress Dobbie lost 6-0, she walked away with the silver.

4) Brian Lemus, “Little Brian” had set it in his heart that he wanted a gold medal in the weapons’ division and guess what? He got the gold! He won the gold medal by 2/10 of a point. This little fellow worked very hard and I’m happy to see him win the gold! When “Little Brian” was performing I looked over and saw his grandmother had literally covered her eyes. Grandma was full of nerves and so was Little Brian’s mom. They were both a mess. This little fellow did AMAZING!

5) Sydnee Brown, walked away with a bronze medal in sparring This bronze medal was welled earned. Sydnee Brown was behind on points and she side stepped to the right side and did an amazing hook-kick to the head. After three minutes the score ended up a tie and it went to “Sudden Death.” Sydnee Brown broke the tie by scoring first and walked away with the bronze medal. There were 16 competitors on Sydnee’s division. This little girl fought with heart and she was nothing but AMAZING!

6) Breyona…Breyona…Breyona! Oh, Boy! Breyona wanted a gold medal and she got it. I told Breyona she had to keep on winning to win the gold. Well, one thing about Breyona she is a good listener. Whenever, the opposing team would score on her I would just yell “Oh Breyona…Oh Breyona” and that would fire her up and she would start scoring points. On her last match I think she remembered the lesson I gave about “Head, body, head.” But Breyona did it backwards. She went “Body, head, body,” no matter what it worked. She kicked the girl on the leg and the girl started to cry—she was in pain. Then she kicked the girl on the head and now the girl was very much in pain. Then Breyona kicked her on the ribs and then the girl did not want to fight any more. One of the senior referee’s walked up to the ring and he stopped the match for the safety of that student…that was probably the smartest call of all. I was happy for Breyona, she had worked so hard and now she is a “National Champion!” Breyona, you are AMAZING!

7) Treshaun Whittaker: This was probably the toughest match of all. I say this because Treshaun did not medal in the weapons’ division he got 4th place and in the kata division he did not medal either. So this was his last chance for winning a medal. Therefore, there was a lot of pressure here! Treshaun fought as a heavy weight and there were 10 competitors in his division. In one match, Treshaun broke his opponent down. Treshaun kicked, twice, the young man on the ribs and you can see the pain on his face. This match was so close that if it wasn’t for the timer going off it would of gone to sudden death. The head referee tried to give the point to the opposing team but the other referees objected stating that the point was scored after the timer went off. Therefore, the point did not count. That meant that Treshaun was going to fight for the gold/silver medal. This was an exciting match. I thought Treshaun had the win. There were only about 10 seconds remaining and Treshaun was one point ahead. Well 10 seconds on a fighting match is an eternity. The opposing team managed to score on Treshaun and that made it a tie so the match went to sudden death. I’m not sure what happened because everything happened so fast but the referees sided with the opposing team and gave them the win. All I can say is that this was the match of all matches. Both competitors fought with their hearts and they gave us an exciting fight. I’m proud of both competitors and proud of what Treshaun is accomplishing. Treshaun is definitely becoming one of the greatest tournament fighters of his time!

My goal was for every “Wolf Pack” team member to win a medal and we accomplished that. The “Wolf Pack” team walked away with 6 gold medals, 3 silver and 1 bronze. Plus, let’s not forget we beat the Hawaiian team as well…now that was the icing on the cake.

In closing I want to say the following:

The young man that competed against Treshaun when the timer went off he went ahead to compete for the bronze medal. However, he did not win it. This young man was broken and literally fell on the floor and cried. I walked up to him and tried to give him some words of encouragement. This young fellow has being competing for three years and stated “I have not won a medal, yet.” I felt the pain and the disappointment in his eyes. Him saying that made me realize that this is the reason why the “Wolf Pack” team sacrifices so much and why they win so much all the time. Our training program is all about sacrificing our time. We do what we do because we enjoy it and we love what we do…as long we have that passion we will carry on our mission to challenge ourselves and do our very best in us.

To the parents, thank you again for your continuous support. Thank you for supporting us in spirit and with your generous donations and your time. Our team could not do what they do without you. You’re the heart of our successful program.

***Next Tournament: All Female Karate Open

Saturday 9/8

Location: Leadership Trough Athletics

2900 Hammonds Ferry Road

Halethorpe, MD 21227

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