Round 10 - 7th Annual Old School Fall Classic U.S. Open

Saturday 9/29/2018

Tournament Results:

1) Alaina Spears:

Weapons: 1st Place, Kata: 1st Place, Sparring: 1st Place, plus “The U.S. Open Grand-Champion!”

2) Camauri McPherson:

Weapons: 1st Place, Kata: 1st Place, Sparring: 2nd Place, plus “The U.S. Open Jr. Black Belt Grand Champion!”

3) Teress Dobbie:

Weapons: 1st Place, Kata: 1st Place, Sparring: 1st Place

4) Sydnee Brown:

Kata: 1st Place, Weapons: 1st place.

5) Breyona Whittaker:

Weapons: 1st Place, Kata: 1st Place, Sparring: 1st Place

6) Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: 2nd Place, Kata: 2nd Place, Sparring: 1st Place

7) Lamont Williams:

Weapons: 1st Place, Kata 3rd Place, Sparring: 3rd Place

Highlights of this event were the following:

I just enjoy seeing every judge on the edge of their seats watching “The Wolf Pack Team” perform.

Alaina Spears and Camauri McPherson both winning the Grand-Championship titles was just amazing. I told Camauri, way before the tournament, to focus on performing Sepai and I’m glad he listened. Camauri competed against Sempai Teress and Sempai Treshaun and he beat them both with his graceful movements and captivating style.

Teress, had a great time at the tournament winning all first places plus I gave her the opportunity to judge some of the sparring matches. That was her first time being a black belt judge and I know she really enjoyed it.

Sydnee Brown: had the center referee right on the edge of his seat. I thought for sure he was going to fall off his chair. Sydnee Brown was strong, focus and determined to win it all and she did. Sydnee Brown did an amazing kata performance plus her fighting skills were no match for the “Red Dragon Dojo.” The Red Dragon student quit in the middle of the match…sorry red riding hood you are no match for “The Wolf Pack.”

Breyona Whittaker: This young lady just makes me smile! She is a gold belt in weapons but competing in the intermediate blue/green belt division and she beats everyone. Breyonna won nothing but first places…she was fierce!

Treshaun Whittaker: I really enjoy the competition between Treshaun and Camauri. Between these two young gentlemen either Treshaun beats Camauri or Camauri beats Treshaun. Treshaun is all about strength and power and Camauri is all about grace and precision…me, I just leave it to the judges and let them decide.

Lamont Williams: I believe this was Lamont’s second tournament to compete and he did well. He won the weapon’s division and placed 3rd in the forms and sparring division. So I was happy with his performance plus he was the 1st runner up for the Grand-Championship competition.

I love winning and I love winning big. Having your team win two grand-championships in one day is unheard off. Alaina Spears was the defending grand-champion from last year and she defended her title. This little girl is nothing but dynamite!

I noticed “Goju-Ryu VA Beach Dojo” leaving early. They did not even try to stay for the grand-championship competition. And for the “red riding hood dojo” well they just sat on the bleachers with the unhappiest look on their faces.

Next Tournament: “World Heroes Classic Championships.”

Date: Saturday 10/20/2018

Location: Bethel HS, Hampton

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