Round 11 - “World Heroes Fall Classic”

Round 11

“World Heroes Fall Classic”

Saturday 10/20/2018

Tournament Results:

  1. Teress Dobbie:

Weapons: 3rd Place, Kata: 1st Place, Sparring: 1st Place, plus “The Grand-Championship.” Winner in the open forms division.

  1. Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: 1st Place, Kata: 1st Place, Sparring: 3rd Place, plus “The Grand Championship.” Winner in the weapon forms division.

  1. Alaina Spears:

Weapons: 2nd Place, Kata: 1st Place, Sparring: 1st Place

  1. Sydnee Brown:

Kata: 1st Place, Sparring: 2nd place.

  1. Breyona Whittaker:

Weapons: 1st Place, Kata: 2nd Place, Sparring: 1st Place

  1. Camauri McPherson:

Weapons: 2nd Place, Kata: 2nd Place, Sparring: 4th Place

Highlights of this event were the following:

Sweeping the black belt weapons division. Treshaun won 1st place, Camauri won 2nd place and Teress Dobie won 3rd place. I love it when the “Wolf Pack Team” sweeps the division.

Treshaun Whittaker and Teress Dobie both winning the Grand-Championship titles was awesome to watch. I came very close of leaving early because the tournament turned out to be small in size. However, the black belt division was full of action so I’m glad that I stayed.

Teress Dobie, did the performance of her life. In the open forms division she got nothing but perfect scores…just AMAZING! This is her second Grand-Championship win.

Treshaun Whittaker, this young man was determined to become a Grand-Champion. When Treshaun competed for the grand-championship title there was like a 6 minute delay for his score to be announced. He too got a perfect score. I was happy for Treshaun because he is always working so hard without ever quitting or complaining. He was well deserved of that win without a doubt.

Breyona, Sydnee, Camauri and Alaina, they all did exceptional. In total the “Wolf Pack Team” won 11 first place trophies and two “Grand-Championship” titles. This is the second time, at a tournament, that the “Wolf Pack Team” won two “Grand-Championship titles…nothing but the very BEST!

I noticed “Goju-Ryu VA Beach Dojo,” “Red Dragon Dojo” and Mr. Felton’s Dojo they all brought zero students to the tournament. Shame…shame…shame.

Next Tournament: “East Coast Karate Championships.”

Date: Sunday 10/28/2018

Location: Richmond, VA

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