2nd Annual 5 Days with the Grand-Master

Monday 10/29-Friday 11/2

This event is a private event and only members from Mt. Everest Karate Studio, The Dojo are allowed to attend. Therefore, is very small in size and the Grand-Master can show off his amazing karate skills. This special event is not like any other training camp. Most Karate Camps are only for 2 days and their fees are just out of this planet. Here at Mt. Everest Karate Studio the Grand-Master gets to spend valuable/quality time for each member that attends. You cannot buy that anywhere else!

The Grand-Master and I also spent some quality time together. He was gracious enough to teach me, his version of, Sakugawa-No-Kun which is a lot different from the one that I know. But like they say knowledge is power so that’s more power in my pocket.

The last day with Grand-Master Kakinohana is always a fun day but also a sad day. We take the Grand-Master to a special dinner, we share stories, we exchange gifts and the kids cry…the students get quite attach to the Grand-Master so seen him leave is very painful for them and they literally get upset…lots of tears on that night.

I consider myself very blessed having the Grand-Master for an entire week at my house. Having him as a mentor, friend and teacher is priceless. His guidance is instrumental in my karate development.

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