Norfolk Scope Mt. Everest Karate Studio Night at The Admirals.

The Dojo was invited to perform at “Marvel Super Hero Night” for the Admirals Hockey Game. Treshaun Whittaker did a “Solo Performance” with his flying kama routine and he had the audience on their toes. Seen this young man on the big screen during this performance was unbelievable and nothing but amazing!

Then I surprised my tiny little monster “Gabriel.” I told him he was going to ride the Zamboni and his eyes opened up like walnuts. He was so happy and excited to do it. He had a blast riding the Zamboni and kept waving at the crowd. The ride lasted for about 15 minutes, too. I was happy he enjoyed it…this young man has so much love for The Dojo and he just loves his Sensei.

After the Zamboni ride we surprised “Major Thomas Nunamaker” by honoring him and his family with a military salute. Major Nunamaker is a member of The Dojo and he serves at Langley, AFB. I also teach two of his boys, Zach and my tiny little monster “Gabriel.”

Did I mentioned that all of this was televised? Yes, all these events were televised on “On-line TV.” This for sure will be a night all of us will remember for a long time.

The Admirals won the game and also they kicked butt when it came to the fighting between the opposing team. There were some great fighting matches…I was loving it!

I’m pretty sure we will be invited again for another great performance. Mt. Everest Karate Studio, The Dojo is nothing but The Best in the business.

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