ROUND 13 - “2018 AAU Virginia Fall Invitational”

Tournament Results:

Breyona Whittaker:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Gold, Sparring: Gold

Teress Dobie:

Weapons: Silver, Forms: Bronze, Sparring: Gold.

Alaina Spears:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Bronze, Sparring: Silver.

Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: Bronze, Forms: no placement, Sparring: Silver,

Camauri McPherson:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: no placement, Sparring: no placement

Highlights of this event were the following:

Seen the Whittakers’ (Treshaun and Breyona, both brother and sister) whip some butt. The team was robbed of some great performances. Therefore, I told Treshaun and Breyona not to hold back and they didn’t. Twice the medic had to be called over at Treshaun’s sparring ring because Treshaun was “The Eliminator.” Everyone in his way felt the wrath of his power. Same with Breyona (I love this girl, she is so quiet but nothing but a power house of a fighter). Every kid going against Breyona did not stand a chance. She kept knocking them down to the ground…well done Breyona!

To my amazement even Teress got in the fighting game. I guess Treshaun and Breyona’s power rubbed in on her. It is being a year seen I seen Teress fight like she fought at this competition. A week prior to this competition I put Teress against one of my toughest fighters. I wanted Teress to come out of her shell, again. We worked on different mental exercises and I’m glad it paid off for her. I was standing at Treshaun’s ring and I saw this young lady just rocking and rolling on the ring and I said “Is that my student, Teress?” It sure was. She needed no coaching…she took care of business all by herself. She was AMAZING!

Camauri once again gets the Gold in the weapons division.

Alaina Spears: She was robbed from the Forms Division. At times which is “MANY,” by the way, I’m just disgusted to be part of that organization. But is okay it only adds more fuel to my fire. It is just unfair that a little girl has to pay because of these judges ignorance and unfairness.

**Four out of my five member team qualified for the “VA AAU Triple Crown Competition!” Way to go guys, you work hard and you definitely deserve every good opportunity that comes your way. Keep working hard and let’s not lose focus…let’s remain on this challenging journey together.

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