Round 1 2019 - “AAU NC State Championships”

Round 1 “AAU NC State Championships”

Saturday 3/9/2019 1) Alaina Spears: Forms: Gold 2) Camauri McPherson: Weapons: Silver 3) Teress Dobie: Weapons: Gold, Forms: Silver, Sparring: Silver 4) Treshaun Whittaker: Weapons: Bronze 5) Breyona Whittaker: Weapons: Bronze, Sparring: Silver The first leg of the “2019 tournament season” started in Raleigh, NC. All 5 “Wolf Pack Team Members” qualified to compete at the AAU National Championships in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 1) The Golden Child does it again “Alaina Spears” won Gold in the forms division. Alaina was out from tournament training, for close to 7 weeks, due to an injury she obtained at her elementary school. She was not allowed to compete in the weapons/sparring divisions due to doctor’s orders. 2) Camauri did an amazing job in the weapons division winning silver! 3) Treshaun Whittaker: Won the bronze medal in the weapons division. 4) Teress Dobbie: Won the Gold Medal in the weapons division and walked away with two silvers in the forms and sparring divisions. 5) Breyona Whittaker: Won the bronze in the weapons division and won a silver medal in the sparring division. Breyona won the silver medal and not the gold medal, in sparring, due to a disqualification for excessive power. The “Wolf Pack” traveled to NC winning 2 Gold Medals, 4 Silver and 2 bronze…Nothing but the Best, Baby! ***Next Tournament: Sunday 4/7/2019 East Coast Championships Location: Bethel High School, Hampton

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