Midori-san Meets with Grand-Master Kakinohana

Midori-san Meets with Grand-Master Kakinohana

Wednesday 3/27/2019 and Monday 4/8/2019

Mrs. Midori Hackney, our Japanese language teacher, traveled to Okinawa to spent time with family and friends. While in Okinawa she took time to meet with Grand-Master Kakinohana and his personal advisor Masao Tamashiro.

Mrs. Hackney met, twice, with both gentlemen in Okinawa. The purpose of these meetings were to establish the first line of communications for The Grand-Master’s visit to our The Dojo for 2019. The Grand-Master was not going to visit our Dojo this year but with the help of Mrs. Midori Hackney I think we are turning things around. I’m traveling to Okinawa in a couple of weeks by then I should have a definite answer, from Grand-Master Kakionhana, if he will make the trip to our Dojo for another AWESOME SEMINAR!

Mrs. Midori-san told me the following “The Grand-Master loves you a lot. He loves your passion for karate.” Thank you Midori-san for your kindness and your service to our Dojo.

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