ROUND 4 - “King George Isshin-Ryu Championships”


“King George Isshin-Ryu Championships”

Tournament Results:

  1. Alaina Spears:

Weapons: 2nd Place, Forms: 2nd Place, Sparring: 2nd Place.

  1. Breyona Whitaker:

Weapons: 1st Place, Forms: 1st Place, Sparring: 2nd Place.

  1. Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: 1st Place, Sparring: 1st Place.

  1. Teress Dobbie:

Forms: 1st Place, Sparring: 1st Place.

  1. Camauri McPherson:

Weapons: 3rd Place, Forms: 4th Place, Sparring: 3rd Place.

Highlights of this event were the following:

Alaina Spears placing second place in all categories—Alaina finally met her match. Alaina competed against an oriental girl who practices Isshin-Ryu karate. This was the first time I have seen, this oriental girl, compete at this tournament and she gave Alaina a run for her money. This Isshin-Ryu student was amazing and I knew she was going to be trouble for Alaina.

I was so happy to see Breyona win 1st place in the weapons’ division and 1st place in the forms division. Breyona was so focus and determined to win it all…she was AWESOME!

I was also happy to see Treshaun win the weapons’ division. Treshaun decided, at the last minute, to do a different weapon’s kata and this was the right move because he won against 11 other competitors. At tournaments Camauri usually wins first place in the weapons’ division but not this time…this time the win was for Treshaun!

I enjoyed sitting on the bleachers and watch Teress win the forms division. Teress competed against a student from the “Karate 4 Girls” dojo located in Maryland. There were lots of teenage girls competing in this division and Teress put her best moves on the floor and took the win!

This tournament was action packed and nothing but excitement. We won a total of 13 trophies and 6 of them were first place trophies. We did not win the “Grand-Championship Trophy.” However, Teress and Treshaun qualified to compete for the Grand-Championship. But the win went to the Isshin-Ryu student that beat Alaina every time.

**We had a visitor coming to support us, Mrs. Midori Hackney, our Japanese language teacher. Mrs. Midori Hackney came to see the “Wolf Pack Team” compete. She said everyone did so well and she was so proud of the “Wolf Pack Team.”

Also, there was nothing but great compliments, from the senior instructors, about our team. Everyone took notice how strong the “Wolf Pack Team” is and I keep saying “Nothing but the Best, Baby!”

Next Tournament:

Saturday 5/4/2019

Capitol City Youth Classics

Eleanor Roosevelt HS

7601 Hanover Pkwy, Greenbelt, MD 20770

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