ROUND 6 - “AAU Virginia Regional Championships”


“AAU Virginia Regional Championships”

Tournament Results:

Alaina Spears:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Gold, Sparring: Gold.

Breyona Whitaker:

Weapons: Bronze, Forms: Bronze, Sparring: Gold

Treshaun Whittaker:

Weapons: Bronze, Forms: Bronze, Sparring: Bronze

Teress Dobbie:

Weapons: Gold, Forms: Silver, Sparring: Gold

Camauri McPherson:

Sparring: Silver

Highlights of this event were the following:

Telling Treshaun, to speed things up so we can all go home. So what does Treshaun, do? He ko’s the opponent. I mean, Treshaun knocked him out cold and the poor young man laid on the floor unconscious. Treshaun got disqualified for excessive force. But guess, what? We went home early!

I enjoyed watching Camauri spar. This young man has potential and he won the silver medal for the AAU VA Regional Championships. I noticed he has develop some bad habits. We will work diligently to improve his fighting skills. I will have this young super star ready for the AAU Nationals in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

I also enjoyed watching Breyona’s sparring match. This young super star was determined to win her gold medal in sparring! Actually all three young ladies from the “Wolf Pack Team” took gold! It was a “Girl Power” moment.

Next tournament is “The Battle of 7 Cities.”

Saturday 6/1/2019.

Location: 1000 Bolling Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23508

Tournament Coordinator: Jack Dark

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