Round 9 - "AAU, 2019 Jr. Olympic Championships"

Round 9

AAU, 2019 Jr. Olympic Championships

Greensboro, NC

Tournament Results

1) Breyona Whittaker: Weapons: Gold, Forms: Gold, Sparring: Gold.

2) Treshaun Whittaker: Weapons: Bronze.

The Jr. Olympics was a two day tournament. The first day was the weapons and forms competition. The second day was the sparring competition. This is how everything unfolded with Breyona and Treshaun.

Day one: 27th of July, I did not know what to expect. This was our first year competing at the Jr. Olympics but Breyona took the lead. This young lady was amazing. Breyona was so focused and determined to win she won both Gold Medals for the weapons and forms division.

Her brother, Treshaun, he managed to win a bronze medal in the weapons division. This was not an easy win but Treshaun stood his ground and deliver an awesome performance. There were a total of 9 competitors in his division so I was happy to see him get a medal.

Day 2: 28th of July, I told Breyona “You have a chance young lady to win a total of 3 Gold Medals—well, she did. Breyona 1st match lasted only 24 short seconds and the score was 6:0. Then for the gold medal match Breyona won 6:1 and she walked away with a total of 3 Gold Medals.

Her Brother, Treshaun lost his focus. Treshaun had a good chance of winning another bronze medal in the sparring division. However, he dropped his head twice—missing the target and costing him the win.

Just like the AAU National Championships this was a great event. I’m glad we had the opportunity to participate and do well. The 2020 Jr. Olympics will take place in Norfolk, VA, Baby!

Now Mt. Everest Karate Studio has two Olympians. Wolf Pack, Baby…Wolf Pack. Nothing but The Wolf!

**A quick note, we only had Breyona and Treshaun competing, at the Jr. Olympics, because Alaina Spears was vacationing in Vegas. Also, Camauri McPherson decided to drop out of the tournament circuit and Teress Dobie is no longer a member of The Dojo. Therefore, as of now, we only have a 3 member team and about 7 tournaments left to go.

***Next Tournament:

The Battle of The Warriors

Saturday 8/17

Location: 5345 Virginia Beach Blvd. VA Beach, VA 23462

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