Round 11 - “Mid-Atlantic All Female Karate Open”

Round 11 “Mid-Atlantic All Female Karate Open”

Saturday 9/7/2019

The secret to our success: Hard work, Dedication and Passion. This is what I teach at Mt. Everest Karate Studio. This is why Mt. Everest Karate Studio is rated #1 in tournament competition.

Congratulations Alaina and Breyona for your wins at The Mid-Atlantic All Female Open. Another Grand-Championship win for Mt. Everest Karate Studio.

This is our 11th tournament of the year and we aren’t stopping yet...JB Felton's tournament is next.

If you are looking for a Championship Team to join then try us out but I teach the "Old Way" not the Mickey Mouse way.

***Remember, Hard work, dedication and passion. These three qualities is what makes a Champion!

***Next Tournament: Saturday 9/21

U.S. Open Karate Tournament

Lake Taylor HS

1384 Kempsville Rd

Norfolk, VA 23502

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