Round 12 - "8th Annual Old School Fall Classic"

Round 12 - “8th Annual Old School Fall Classic”

Saturday 9/21/2019

The secret to our success: Hard work, Dedication and Passion. This is what I teach at Mt. Everest Karate Studio. This is why Mt. Everest Karate Studio is rated #1 in tournament competition.

Congratulations Treshaun, Breyona and Alaina for your wins at the Old School Fall Classic.

This is our 12th tournament of the year and we are still going strong...GM Montez Dennis tournament is next.

If you are looking for a Championship Team to join then try us out but I teach the "Old Way" not the Mickey Mouse way.

***Remember, Hard work, dedication and passion. These three qualities are what makes a Champion!

***Next Tournament: Sunday 10/6

World Legends and Heroes Championships

Bethel HS

1067 Big Bethel Road

Hampton, VA 23666

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