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Mt. Everest Karate Studio is a "World Class Dojo."

- Scott Bisciotti

  US Army Colonel, Retired

  82nd Airborne Division 



Our son would trade it all in for karate, trust me. We appreciate your teaching and sought you out because we knew you were the BEST and our son would grow under your leadership.

- Tiffany Thompson

Ava loves karate. She wasn’t a fan of sparring at first but now she has gained so much confidence she can’t wait to spar the boys!

- Jessica Velasquez King

My daughter loves attending her karate lessons with Master Rivas at Mount Everest Karate Studio. Since starting lessons, she has increased her attentiveness, self awareness and we've noticed a tremendous boost in her confidence. Master Rivas genuinely connects with all children, and encourages self confidence and discipline, while patiently teaching karate skills and techniques. We are extremely pleased and we highly recommend Mount Everest Karate Studio.

- Mrs. Ward


I just want to say thank you for the amazing job that you do with our kids. Your passion and dedication have impacted Michael in so many positive ways.

- Mike Whitaker (Micheal's Dad)

Thank you for running a "Great Program." Landon struggles a bit in school (with reading). But I see his confidence building and Karate has definitely been great for him. He is having fun in karate and enjoys being with the other kids...since last school year was mostly virtual, Karate has been his main interaction with others. 

- Jenni Ferreira


As a parent of a child that has the opportunity to have you as a teacher , a life coach, and a mentor , I am proud to say congratulations  on your success !!!!!! My son "Jason Coleman " looks up to you in many ways, at five years old and this day and time , it's not too many men he is able look UP to! I'm happy I chose karate class for him and I'm blessed to have you in his life!! Even though he only see you once a week for 30 minutes you have made an bigger picture for him to look forward to in his life! The future in his eyes, and I'm happy to say you have been a part of it!! I thank you, and look forward to his progress in karate! Thanks so much and congratulations on your accomplishments again!..... *** We are getting those fruits and veggies down :)! See you Tuesday  Loving life!!

- Mr. & Mrs. Coleman

Kyoshi Rivas is very good with training kids to their potential. Karate is so dynamic. It teaches physical fitness, learning to focus, goal setting, and the hard work that is needed to reach these goals. An added bonus is my kids are learning Japanese. Through karate my kids are learning that sometimes practicing is not fun like the fun they have when they are just playing, but the self confidence they gain as they reach their goals is priceless. They have come a long way with Sensei Rivas! I highly recommend this dojo.

- Leigh Schuster

My grandson, Ryland is 8 years old. His father, Robert Williams is a former student of the late Shogo (Kosho) Kuniba.

Me, my wife, and Ry's father signed him up for martial arts lessons this week at The Dojo, located in Eclipse, VA (Suffolk area).

Although I am fully qualified to teach him in the way of Budo, I chose to have Kyoshi Carlos Rivas be his instructor. I wanted to keep my Papa/Sensei relationship separate. I did not want Ryland to always feel that he was obligated or under the stress of having to please me as a grandson and as a student.

Sensei Rivas is an excellent instructor. In a tournament last year, Sensei Rivas and I tied for 1st place in the Senior Master's Division. Kyoshi Rivas was chosen as the 1st place winner, so, it is my pleasure to have him teach my grandson. I look forward to see how Ryland progresses in the weeks, months, and hopefully, years to come.

Very grateful! (REI)

- Steven Johnson

1990 was the year I moved to Newport News Va. from California. My Brother Kyoshi Rivas was just a brown belt. I remember him training under the guidance of Frank Hargrove. The Saturday morning he was testing for his Black Belt was an early 3am start. He trained really hard and passed his test with utmost perfection. My brother has always been very dedicated, loving, caring, disciplined, and most of all a great friend to me and those around him. He took me under his wing when I ran away from home at the young age of 14 1/2. He taught me a lot of things through out the years, and I cherish our relationship. I can tell you that if your looking for a place to instill confidence, discipline, and a no quit attitude for your kids. LOOK NO FURTHER, ENROLL YOUR KIDS TODAY.

- Leo Larin

Best move ever, was getting my three sons involved in martial arts with Sensei Rivas. Almost 25years later, they still remember his teachings. Glad to see still going and growing stronger.

- Joe Jackson, US Army--CWO 4

Going into our 3rd year with Sensei Rivas can’t say enough good things about his dedication to teaching kids not only the art of Karate but how to be a community advocate and leader as well. Highly recommend!

- Kathryn Wright

Mt. Everest Karate Studio has been just the thing my son needed to help keep him on track. Kyoshi Rivas is firm but fair, and you can tell that he has a heart for working with kids. My son loves coming to class. He has made some great new friends and gained many new skills, both physically and in personal development.

- Sonja Anderson

Three of my grandkids attend Sensei Rivas classes. I love how patient and caring he is with each and every student. His students amaze me on how much they learn and retain. Sensei Rivas has a gift in how he teaches and interacts. Thank you from a proud gramma!

- Sheila Spaulding

So glad we were introduced to the Dojo at our school event. This studio is not your typical daycare, after school outlet, or give me class. Mr. Rivas truly cares about individualizing each students experience. He learns their weakness, strengths, passion, and builds their whole character through a family orientated mentorship and incorporates this mentality into his martial arts programs. I mostly love that Students are not passed around from random instructors- we know who and what they are learning. They are receiving group-centered privates lessons he personally teaches. He not only encourages family engagement and community involvement but leads by example in that he is a traveling competitor and holds himself to the same standards as his students. When students ask question, he never hesitates to have meaningful conversations. Caleb enrolled in the basic program in November and has grown in every aspect since then. Over the first few months, he quickly gained confidence in his abilities despite his challenges of having permanent hearing loss and wearing hearing aids. His confidence was proven as has recently decided to try more physically demanding skills and higher commitment programs when asked to join the black belt club to explore weapons. He is learning to develop his ability in auditory instruction, focus and balance while having fun. We can already tell this has helped him in all areas- school, home, neighborhood. His accomplishments at the Dojo helps him keep a can do attitude that he brings with him everywhere.

- Megan Downes


Kyoshi Rivas welcomed my son to his dojo a year ago with positivity and encouragement. He has since provided a safe space for structure, discipline, and fun. He's authentic, personable, and has a love for helping children reach their full potential.

- Jessica Sergeant

Kyoshi Rivas is the best. Not only is he skilled at his craft but he also INCREDIBLE when it comes to supporting the local community. Supporting his studio supports all local kids!

- Kristyn O'Neill

I studied under Sensei Rivas and Kyoshi Perry from 1999-2001. Okinawan style martial arts are true martial arts. Based off of the Shaolin style.

Sensei Rivas is an amazing teacher with the capacity to teach students life long lessons through the art of Karate. 20 years later I am grateful. If you are interested in studying martial arts I could not recommend a better school.

- Joe Jackson, Jr.

Kyoshi Rivas is a very professional person and a dedicated teacher. He is a good judge of character and how to develop character in students. He is always a gentleman and I highly recommend his Dojo.

- Dee Campbell

I've known Kyoshi Rivas for over 30 years and have studied Karate with him. He is one of the best Karate Masters in the area. He's excellent with adults and children and wants them to succeed not in only in Karate but in all aspects of their lives. If you are looking for a passionate instructor Kyoshi Rivas is the one!!!

- Charles Lito, Newport News PD, Sergeant--Retired.

Master Rivas of Mt. Everest Karate Studio and his Wolf Pack students helped our community by donating $800 in grocery gift cards to the food drive. We are humbled by their generosity and enthusiasm for supporting our mission to make a difference in the lives of Suffolk families this holiday season.

- Suffolk Police Department

I have trained with Kyoshi Rivas for over 30 years. He is an all around great person and awesome instructor! His family based Martial Arts Program is the best and I highly recommend it to everyone! Make the Call TODAY and get started ASAP! #Shorinryushorinkan

- Rodney Cheeseman, US Army Retired.

My son loves going to Karate at the Dojo!!! Highly recommend for anyone looking to build on the great qualities Karate teaches about character, confidence, and community service.

- Laura Seneca

My sons have been with Kyoshi for a very long time. We totally recommend him to anyone who is looking to be involved in karate.

- Shan Raza

This Dojo has become a place my son has come to love. Very family friendly and all about community service.

- Douglas White

This school teaches true traditional Japanese karate. The instructor, Kyoshi Rivas, is amazing. Students learn self discipline, focus and confidence while training with him. My children take karate classes and do their karate tournament training at this dojo. His training has helped them win several local, state, regional and national championships. If you're looking to learn REAL karate, this is the place to learn it!

- Terre Rivera

Kyoshi Rivias is an outstanding instructor. My son has been taking karate with him for seven years. Our son is more focused in school and has better discipline because of Kyoshi Rivas instruction and guidance. Mr. Rivas promotes education and comradery amongst everyone at the Dojo. He is much more than just a karate instructor to the families at the Mount Everest Karate Studio.

- Lori Talbert

My kids love the dojo. My son has been with Kyoshi Rivas for 6 years and karate has made a difference in his life. He has become more confident and more open. My son is now an honor roll student and is a leader in both the classroom and at the dojo. My husband and I are so impressed that we signed our daughter up as well. Kyoshi Rivas trains his students in traditional Okinawan karate. I love what he has done for my kids so much that I drive all the way from Newport News so that they can attend classes. If anyone is looking for a karate dojo, this is the place to be.

- Marcia Whittaker

You have wonderful talent in teaching Karate. We are proud of your great achievement and development.

- Morihiro Yagi

Okinawa Shorinryu Shobukan Karate-do, 8th dan

**Congratulations!  It is good to know you are continuing to challenge yourself and excel.  I am proud to have my son train under your leadership. 
- Tier Burks 



**Congratulations!!  Thanks for the very good advice!  Our children's eating habits definitely must improve for better overall health!!!  Have a wonderful day!!!

- Candace Spencer (Robynne's mom)



Wow!  Congratulations! You are a great role model!

- Joan Hirsekorn


** Your explanation has more profound knowledge and understanding. I think there are not so many people who can explain like this. I admire your knowledge on understanding what is Kata and its application.

- Morihiro Yagi

Okinawa Shorinryu Shobukan Karate-do, 8th dan



**Thanks so much for sharing, and for caring about children and their needs. You certainly are gifted and I pray your continued success.  I appreciate you 
- Cynthia Daniels



**Congratulations Mr. Rivas. This is a tremendous accolade and I know the grueling hours of practice and discipline it takes. You are a true example of this! Continue to endeavor!

- Helen A. Gabriel

  Suffolk Parks & Recreation



**Hi Mr. Rivas,

You are more than welcome for the recognition. Your motivation and commitment to the youth says a lot about your character. You are a great role model and you show the youth that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. Keep up the great work and I hope that you will enjoy the article in the brochure. It will be listed on page 15.


Please keep up your commitment to the community and the youth. Because it is people like you that make our youth more productive citizens in society.


Have a great day! And Congratulations J

- Tamara N. Brown


**You have very profound insight into the human life and arts. I believe such an important attitude has been made present your success and your humanity.

- Morihiro Yagi

Okinawa Shorinryu Shobukan Karate-do, 8th dan



**Sensei Rivas,

 The article in the Suffolk booklet was very correct.  You do a fine job with our children.  I know for a fact that you are a true friend and mentor to Will and our family.  We have been involved for around 3 years and it has shown.   

Your friend, Charles Reed



**Congratulations on your 5th degree Black Belt.  We are so very proud of you and all you do with the children as well as the community.  Those were excellent pictures taken.  You are the best.


Thank you for all you do for her as well as the other kids.

- Betty A. Carter



**That's great Sensei. Congratulations on your accomplishment. It's a good feeling knowing that our children are being taught by someone who has studied & learned the Arts so well and who really care's about the well being of families.

- Yolanda Stewart



**Congratulations, Sensei Rivas. And thank you for taking the time to tell us about your trip, your challenges, and ultimately your success. I enjoy seeing/hearing people setting and then crushing their goals! From children who want to win 1st place in a science fair, to adults who have who have to overcome obstacles to achieve whatever goals they have set. It shows strength in spirit, and I think it inspires others. The amount of time and (pardon the cliché) "blood, sweat, and tears" you had to dedicate for this accomplishment is a testament to your spirit. And in your particular accomplishment, "blood, sweat, and tears" is probably an accurate description of your dedication. Again, sir, my most sincere congratulations on what you have accomplished. And more importantly, my most sincere "Thank You" for giving back to the world that so many only take from. Your devotion to the children is evident, and I respect and appreciate all that you have done for them and our country as well.


- Steve DuChemin



**WOW!  Congrats on your promotion and thank you for your service both in the community as well as your service to this country.  I myself am a Navy vet and sometimes miss it so much.  I do have to say that I find it much more important to be here for my son every single day.  I want to congratulate you again and thank you so much for what you have done and are doing for all of these children.  You are a great man.
- Kynyetta (Delroy's mom)



**Dear Sensei Rivas,


Thank you for sharing your story about your journey to Yuma.  Congratulations on earning your 6th degree black belt.  That’s very impressive.


I enjoyed reading your story.  We were all excited to see you over Thanksgiving.  We enjoyed the Newport News Christmas lights and Busch Gardens was lovely too.  We look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

- James & Sheila Barnett (Shannon & Jason)



**Congratulations Sensei this was a great accomplishment for you, one I feel is deserving.  You have been a great blessing in Lamont's life as well as ours.  Your hard work is a great example for the kids you teach and setting goals that they can reach.  I am very proud to have my grandson training under you.  

- S.T. Williams



**Wow!  I feel very fortunate to know such a wonderful person!  I am glad we can help you at the Y!!!

- Barbara Bauer

  Associate Membership Director




**Greetings Mr. Rivas, your accomplishment is nothing short of greatness and we in SP&R are extremely blessed and honored to have someone with your stature and humbleness continue to teach our youth. Thanks you for your service to our city and our youth and keep up the amazing work. Have a blessed holiday!

- All the Best, HG



**Congratulations !!! You should be very proud of your accomplishments and giving back. We need more people to have the ethics you have and we would have a better world all around.
WOW, Thanks for including me in your journey.

**Sensei, this is an awesome story and I recognize what the sport of Karate can do for kids with behavioral / anger issues. It is a testament to you and your abilities and for that I am thankful to have you right here with us teaching our kids. Please continue to share your success stories with us. Keep up the great work!

- All the Best, HG



**Thank you for sharing your story with us.  If you don’t mind I would like to read this at our next directors staff meeting.

- Barbara Bauer



**Kyoshi Rivas,

Good morning.  My family & I are truly honored and inspired by your journey of excellence. Adversity  can be an extremely daunting  but effectual teacher. Charles and I are very committed to Jordan's  development  Intellectually, physically and spiritually.  We strive to sustain an environment that supports cultural  enrichment , academic success and enlightenment.  Jordan has achieved a straight "A" status since the third grade ( one "B" in second grade) and is currently enrolled in the "Gifted & Talented"  program at John Yeates Middle School.  This program/status challenges Jordan to realize his full potential in the sciences and history.  His current GPA is 97.60.

Jordan  actively participates in Cooperating Hampton Roads Organization for Minorities in Engineering (CHROME). Which meets twice a month. Jordan's propensity for the sciences has propelled him in the discipline of  science and his father and I fully support his progress.   Jordan also attends "Jump Start" ( which meets on an average twice a week after school)   it is an auxiliary program, if you will, for his band class as Jordan plays the clarinet and studies music theory.

Jordan attends and appreciates a classical musical series (PB&J)  at the Sandler Performing Arts center and actively enjoys all genres of music.  "The Nutcracker" is an annual event for our family.

Shōrin-ryū Martial Arts is an amazing opportunity for Jordan to acquire discipline and a skill that comes from a legacy of honor and pride. Our commitment to you, your  time and instruction  is & will remain true.  Jordan speaks often of reaching a "Black" belt status and I know he is very committed to learning.  Jordan is also learning about priority... and sacrifice; not always something that is "swallowed" willing...but none the less swallowed. We strive to maintain a delicate balance in Jordan's life.

I wanted you to know we are all committed to the opportunity of Shōrin-ryū and its path of enlightenment.  Thank you so much for your time and your commitment.

- Mrs. Lori Talbert



**Greetings Kyoshi Rivas – once again you have excelled in your discipline and I am very honored in your accomplishments. The information you shared about the growing number of females participating in the sport and doing quite well is awesome; and I am glad to see that females are not intimidated by a typically dominated male population. Thanks for your encouragement to all of our students. Keep up the amazing work!

- All the Best, HG



**Hello Kyoshi,
We want to thank you for all of your help in teaching Caleb and Philip. They truly have enjoying being able to learn from you and will miss coming to class. Hopefully we will be able to find a class in Florida. Thank you again.

- Mamie L. Pack



**I just wanted to thank you for being Claudia's Sensei.  I know she should always practice more but I have been impressed with her development in such a short period of time thanks to you as her teacher.

I wanted to get her into a sport that was different than what her siblings were doing and one that would serve her in many other ways for a lifetime. One of Claudia's favorite movies is the Karate Kid (the original version of course) so I was excited to see what you were offering because I thought she might like it. I know she makes mistakes like every other student but I appreciate your encouragement of her and the discipline of your class. I wish her older sisters had started karate when they were younger! For a while, Claudia did not want to stick with the classes, but I continued to offer the encouragement I could. Because I know her so well as my daughter, I knew she might come around. She is probably still a little nervous about the sparring but we've had some honest talks and I can tell you that she is more excited now about Karate than ever. I am very proud of her, and all her classmates, for getting to orange belt. Thank you for all that you do with the kids.

- Regards, Scott Wolland



**Way to go, Sensei Rivas!  My son took karate for 6 years starting when he was 6 years old.  I know the benefits for children in these programs; and these tournaments seem to increase the pride and confidence in them.  As well as the parents.  I appreciate your hard work with these children.

 - Kitty



**WOW – a testament to you and your students! Congratulations again! Keep up the great work and please let all  your students know how proud we are of them!

- HG




It looks and sounds as if you are doing a great work and a great service with the kids. We want our kids to take on a strong and courageous attitude to maintain what America is about. I can tell that you are very proud of them and it is certain that their parents are just as proud and even more so. Just keep on pushing as you are! Looking forward to seeing you in California if you are planning to be there.

- Kyoshi Bethea 



**Sensei Rivas……WOW is all I can say. You have continually raised the bar for our Suffolk students and have done an outstanding job.  I am both humbled and proud of your accomplishments and achievements with our students and ALL of your students, whether from Suffolk or not.  Keep up the fantastic work!

- HG



**Great! Thanks! And he had so much fun sparring on Monday! I never thought I'd be smiling watching my kiddo fight...lol!

**We would like to thank you for all the knowledge and training you provided
her! Jeťaime was showing a great deal of promise and; we hope sometime (in
the near future), she will be able to resume classes with you and continue
learning under your strong and effective leadership!
We wish you much success and thank you for your understanding in advance!

- Stefani A. McFarland




Good morning! I just want to say thank you for the amazing job that you do with our kids. Your passion and dedication have impacted Michael in so many positive ways.

Very Respectfully,

Mike Whitaker(Micheal's Dad)

**Greetings Sensei – once again I am very proud and humbled by the accomplishments of you and your students. Keep up the great and positive work! 

- All the Best, HG



"Again, thank you so much. You've been a phenomenal instructor and Timmy has gained so much!"

- Stefanie McFarland

"Nicely done, we are proud to be a part of The Dojo. The kids were very well spoken. Claudia was excited to see them on TV."

- Jessica Wolland

"I'm so proud of these guys! And Cae...I have no words to explain how much of proud parents we are!! He is our one and only child and the excitement he gets trickles down to us! You've been an amazing inspiration and we thank you!"

- Laneka Askew

"Congratulations Kyoshi, very well deserved through hard work and dedication.  Continue to do what you do, pushing yourself and the kids to higher heights"

- S.T. V. Williams, Jr.



"You are the BEST instructor I ever witnessed, by leaps and bonds. You taught me so much about how to coach/parent - just from sitting on the bleachers. I never said thank you. Thank you for being so wonderful. It's been at least since 2013, but you made a permanent impact on our lives in a positive way."

- Danielle Davis Edwards

  Mother of Robert Jared Poust

Good afternoon Sensei Rivas,


Thank you for everything you have done for James over the last few months. His previous issues of lashing out and behaviors at school have subsided. We are far from the behavioral disorders we thought we might have to deal with. I do attribute karate and your lessons as helping with his focus and mindfulness. We cannot thank you enough. We look forward to his ongoing future with the dojo. The Happiest of Holidays and we hope you enjoy the season! See you in the new year! James will be back on 1/3. 

Kindest Regards,

- Alexis Whalley