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Beginners Martial Arts Class

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We are empowering lives here at Mt. Everest Karate Studio.


"Our son would trade it all in for karate, trust me. We appreciate your teaching and sought you out because we knew you were the BEST and our son would grow under your leadership."

Tiffany Thompson

"Ava loves karate. She wasn’t a fan of sparring at first but now she has gained so much confidence she can’t wait to spar the boys!"

Jessica Velasquez King

"I just want to say thank you for the amazing job that you do with our kids. Your passion and dedication have impacted Michael in so many positive ways."

Mike Whitaker

"My daughter has been a student of Kyoshi Rivas for 3 years. I can’t say thank you enough for the confidence and strength that each lesson brings. The structure and discipline of each class translates well to the classroom and to other sports that she plays. Our experience at Mt. Everest has been invaluable to development our daughter’s mental fortitude."
Philip Ashe

Alexa Young, CA

"Going into our 3rd year with Sensei Rivas can’t say enough good things about his dedication to teaching kids not only the art of Karate but how to be a community advocate and leader as well. Highly recommend!"

Kathryn Wright

"Three of my grandkids attend Sensei Rivas classes. I love how patient and caring he is with each and every student. His students amaze me on how much they learn and retain. Sansei Revis has a gift in how he teaches and interacts. Thank you from a proud gramma!"

Sheila Spaulding

"Best move ever was getting my son's involved in martial arts with then Sensei Carlos. Almost 25years later they still remember his teachings.
Glad to see still going and growing stronger"

Joe Jackson

Martial Arts Students
“Your tutorial videos are awesome. Thank you! Joseph has been practicing everyday with them.”




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