Mt. Everest Karate Studio
Veteran Owned & Operated

Thank you for visiting Mt. Everest Karate Studio. We specialize in teaching traditional and classical martial arts. Our programs are aimed at teaching discipline, respect, confidence, integrity, mental focus and self-defense skills. From the start, you will see an improvement in confidence and attitude.


Our Three Key Principles:

Discipline, Strength and Courage

Our Mission:

Our focus and main objective is to discipline every member of our karate community to seek a higher-self by gaining confidence to achieve higher goals for themselves and to help others do the same.

Our Vision:

Empowerment of Mind, Body and Spirit through Karate Training.

Our Motto:

"No Limits...Everything is Possible!"



New Student Special:
4 Weeks of Lessons and a Free Uniform for $77.00!
Do something fun, something positive and start making a difference
for yourself and others.
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